Information to authors

To assure that manuscripts accepted for publication are of the highest quality, CBS Press relies on an academic review process for all submitted proposals. This process is initiated by a ‘chief peer reviewer’, who is appointed autonomously by CBS. The chief peer reviewer might engage other scholars for this process. Subsequently, Samfundslitteratur, which holds the production, marketing, distribution, and overall economic responsibility for the publishing process, must also approve the manuscript from a marketing and financial perspective. The latter might, in some cases, be satisfied by some upfront funding, which could originate from various sources.

It is the ambition of CBS Press to meet international standards of a university press. Currently, the Ministry of Science and Technology in Denmark is setting up a scheme in order to classify publishing houses in terms of scientific rigor, including assessing their review processes. When this process has come to a conclusion, it is the ambition of CBS Press to meet the highest possible standards.

Currently, Associate Professor Jens Aaris Thisted, Ph.D. ( has been designated as the chief peer reviewer on behalf of CBS. You are most welcome to contact him with manuscript proposals.