What is theory?

There is no consensus in the social and cultural sciences on what theory is, and that is as it should be. A consensus would be outright dangerous for the diversity of intellectual life.

The perspectives represented in this volume show that theory can be understood as plot, hope, beholding, doxa, heritage, a stalemate, disappointment, personal matter, or family concept. But, even if theory can be defined in many ways, it cannot be defined in any one way. Beyond disciplinary and epistemological differences, theory has the steadfast characteristic of being what academics work with. More than an epistemological matter, the book's title question is an entry into the dynamics of academic practice.



Novel Methods for Project Management Research

Project managers may not realize it but the most important aspects of what they manage are the meanings, interpretations and politic of projects and not merely the technical aspects.

PM researchers need to become more innovative in their research approaches. Novel Approaches to Organizational Project Managent Research broadens research methods and theory perspectives, drawing on contemporary trends. 


"This book will be an indispensable reference for many academic researchers and writers in project management as well as a guide to ‘pracademics’. Its strength lies in its ideas that are articulated by a collection of the brightest minds in PM research. This is a book that advanced degree students of PM should expose themselves to and for established PM researchers to read with interest as it represents an interesting and stimulating future in PM research directions."


Derek Walker, Ph.D., MSc Grad Dip (Mgt Sys),Professor of Project Management & Director of Research School of Property, Construction and Project Management, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia.


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